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WS Volleyball hosts a large number of teams and many players from all skill levels and ages. Competitions are run for school teachers, work places, Social Mens, Womens and Mixed teams. Volleyball is played in almost every country in the world and is fast becoming very popular in Australia.
WS Volleyball also runs its premier West Cup competition 4 times a year where teams from all over NSW including Bathurst, Canberra and Newcastle come to compete against other local Sydney and of course our elite Penrith team.
Recently we sent a representative team from Penrith to the Good Neighbour competition in Canberra where 112 teams and almost 1000 players competed in one of the toughest and hardest fought volleyball competitions in Australia. After some very close preliminary games, our mighty Penrith team won the Grand Final of the mixed division by a very close 15-13 in the final set after earlier defeating the Manly team in another 15-13 last set victory. Both of these games were watched by hundreds of fans, onlookers and other players and these 2 games were considered by all to be the best of the mixed competition.
As a sponsor of WS Volleyball you can help our younger teams get training and uniforms as well as helping them with accomodation and fees to play in competitions and statewide events. You will enjoy a large amount of exposure to players, sports fans and the community in general and your logo will be proudly presented on our website, at our social and competitive events and also in some cases on our uniforms. So if you want another avenue for you product to be seen them why not sponsor us.


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Joe’s Transport is a proud supporter of WS Volleyball.