Good Neighbour


Good Neighbour 2009

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This year’s Western Sydney Volleyball Representative season came to a dramatic end with victory in the ACT Good Neighbour competition. Western Sydney Volleyball selected a team from the 4 West Cups held throughout the year to play in the 2009 Good Neighbour division 1 mixed tournament. The team was selected based on a wide variety of criteria, with the final 11 players coming from Penrith, Ryde and Gosford competitions. The players were: Joe (Player/Coach), Garry (Captain), Luke, Adam, Tony, Kevin, Amanda, Vanessa, Miki, Alicia and Joyce.
The tournament started for the Western Sydney Volleyball team, playing under the area name of Penrith, on Saturday the 28th of November. The first game was against ACT DOUG, where Penrith took charge from the get go. With a number of substitutions and mixture of rotations Penrith, with Joe’s leadership, used this game as a trial game. The final score being Penrith def Doug 3-0: 25/13, 25/10, 15/12, with Luke and Amanda finding a good touch on the ball early in the tournament. Game 2 was another dominating performance from the Penrith team with individual standouts being Miki, Joyce, Alicia and Kevin with strong serving and reception from all 4 players. The final result being Penrith def Weston Bla 3-0: 25/19, 25/21, 20/5. The third and final game for the day was against Manly Suki, who were a tough opponent at last year’s tournament. This year we fielded a stronger line-up as an all round performing team. Setting from Toni and Garry improved in this third game to make our dominant hitters Adam and Luke take the game spotlight. Vanessa and Amanda had some outstanding reception saves throughout the game that won the important points. The final result being Penrith def Suki 2-0: 25/18, 25/21, 7/10. The social side of the tournament was experienced on the Friday and Saturday nights with team dinners and bonding sessions, far from the NRL’s antics but no less enjoyable.
The second day of the tournament started with an alternative style warm-up lead by Luke. Hip thrusts and body rolls seemed the emphasis in lactic acid release and injury prevention. The days games started with a quarter final against the ACT Dare Devils. In a best of 3 format, our Penrith team came out on top with a bit of form. Joe’s leadership was dominant again throughout the game. Mixing and matching rotations in preparation for the tough upcoming matches. A final rotation was set up for the semi final, with emphasis placed on Luke, Adam and Joe�s hitting ability, Garry and Toni’s all court setter role, and Amanda and Vanessa’s service reception and court coverage. The next game was the big game against the Manly Internationals, who beat Penrith 2 nil in the 2008 Good Neighbour Grand Final. This game was a chance for revenge for Joe, Garry, Luke and Miki who suffered the defeat last year. Joe again used a different style of team structure and strategy in setting up the victory in the first set. Dominant hitting from Adam and excellent blocking from Luke came through in our first set win. In the second set the Internationals hit back with force from all angles of the court. Penrith’s inability to close out crucial points cost them a second set victory, going down 21-25. In the third set, clinical passing and serving from Amanda and Vanessa assisted in Adam’s hitting from all positions. Joe took matters into his own hands with an all round dominance of his younger opponents, a number of serving and blocking points proving the difference between the two teams. Penrith came out on top in an amazingly tight game; Semi Final- Penrith def Internationals 2-1: 25/23, 21/25, 15/13.
With the hype of an amazing semi final falling away, Joe had to prepare the Penrith team for what looked like a one sided Grand Final Victory. This proved not to be the case. Penrith would come up against an eager underdog from Thornley, the Art Attacks. Penrith started the game as they finished the Semi Final. They put together some good setting and finishing options, running vents and quick balls through the middle to outsmart and outclass their opponents. A step up from Garry in setting caused the Penrith team to look the clear class of the competition in the first set. In the second set the Art Attack pounced on an inexperienced finals team, with Kevin, Joyce, Alicia all new to Good Neighbour finals, playing their hearts out to find themselves 2 points short of a second set victory. The third set started unimpressive from the Penrith team, but their effort and never die attitude caused a comeback victory in the third and final set. At 13 all in the final, Vanessa, Amanda, Garry and Joe all hit the ground in a wonderful but messy scrambling effort to secure the point and a tournament victory chance. Vanessa kept her cool to serve out the set with a clinical team point to finish the game and the tournament. Penrith taking the Gold for the 7th time in Div 1 mixed.
Well done to all players, they all had an individual impact in various ways throughout the tournament. A particular congratulation goes to Joe for his dominant leadership and volleyball mind that was clearly above and beyond any other in the tournament.
Game Results
Game 1 – Penrith def Doug 3-0: 25/13, 25/10, 15/12
Game 2 – Penrith def Weston Bla 3-0: 25/19, 25/21, 20/5
Game 3 – Penrith def Suki 2-0: 25/18, 25/21, 7/10
Quarter Final – Penrith def Dare Devil 2-0: 25/12, 25/20
Semi Final     – Penrith def Internationals 2-1: 25/23, 21/25, 15/13
Grandfinal     – Penrith def Art Attack 2-1: 25/11, 23/25, 15/13